Leaving the right legacy…

Imagine leaving a legacy to your children, grandchildren, and beyond that you would be proud of and that they would be proud to look back at you and tell others about. To be so successful with your time here on earth that one day when you are gone, you have a great legacy that will forever be attached to your life’s work and accomplishments…

Think about it just for a moment… what kind of legacy do you want to leave?

Many people have amassed great amounts of wealth and passed it down to their loved ones. However, over time the wealth they left behind gets swallowed up by life and the most lasting thing people remember them by is the amount of wealth they left behind and not by who they were or what they did for others. Although this is not true of every person who has spent the majority of their life only focusing on accumulating mass wealth, it certainly is true of many.

So is there a better legacy to build other than massive amounts of worldly accomplishments and wealth?

I believe yes and it’s found in the Bible. It is woven into The Mission each and every one of has been given by God to be actively engaged in as a Christian, The Great Commission… That is, reaching others with the Good News message of Jesus Christ and furthermore into discipleship. See, I believe if you were to spend a majority of your time focused on accumulating a massive amount of people you have led to Jesus (Eternal Wealth), your legacy would be far greater than if you spent your time focused on accumulating earthly wealth. Leading people to Jesus accumulates for you Eternal Wealth in Heaven, wealth that will last forever.

So, what kind of legacy do you want to leave? I’m not saying you can’t leave a legacy of both souls won to Christ and money. However, if you had to choose between the two, which one would you choose? And furthermore, do your daily actions reflect your choice now that you are thinking about it?

The ONLY thing you can bring with you to Heaven are SOULS.

I believe you can be highly effective in influencing others on Social Media with Biblical truth, and in doing so, you are engaging in the Great Commission. To be most effective in doing this, it does not happen by accident. There are certain strategies and techniques you must be aware of to have the greatest impact on Social Media. Just like with many things in life, learn what works and then purposely and intentionally do it over and over again. Choose to make telling people about Jesus a major priority in your life as a Christian. In doing so, you will soon be on your way to building a legacy you and others will be proud of!

Consider joining the Social Media Missionary® MISSION ROOM. We believe using your membership to the Mission Room will help you leave a legacy of reaching people for Jesus using social media that you and others will be proud of!

Social Media Missionary
Social Media Missionary

The team at Social Media Missionary works hard to make sure the blog posts you read are well worth your time. We want you to succeed in telling people about Jesus Christ through social media. After all, it's called the Great Co-Mission for a very good reason. We are co-workers together and co-workers with Christ to accomplish the Most Important Mission on the planet... to tell other people about Eternal Salvation through Jesus Christ. We work diligently to make sure the content we provide you with, enables you to have massive success in this mission through social media.